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Optimise cloud spend. Allocate costs. Automate image hardening, patching and backups. Simplify your cloud journey with Nordcloud Klarity.

Integrates seamlessly with

Is cloud actually reducing spend? Is your infrastructure compliant? Are policies being adhered to?

Nordcloud Klarity’s cloud management tools help you easily answer these questions.

The user-friendly dashboards and automation capabilities give you full control of your cloud estates and costs across Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and on-prem VMware. 

So the next time someone asks a question, you have an accurate answer in a few clicks.

We set out to optimise our FinOps processes, and chose Klarity as a tooling to help us. Within a few days, we were well underway. Already after a few months, we reduced our cloud capacity costs by over 25%.

Head of DevOps

Lottery & Gambling Company

It’s like autopilot for cloud management

Get to grips with cloud costs

Get real-time, consolidated data on cloud costs, so you can easily maintain control and achieve greater capacity savings.

Automate processes

Take the pain out of cloud management by automating repetitive manual tasks like tagging, patches and back-ups.

Improve security

Get the patching, back-up and hardening capabilities you need to secure your infrastructure and ensure compliance.

Accelerate development

Build tools with transparency across clouds, so you’re always compliant with industry principles and data requirements.

The easy way to gain transparency and control

From costs to infrastructure optimisation to security to data – you don’t want to be flying blind with cloud management. Nordcloud Klarity products give you the facts and capabilities you need.

Klarity Core

Your dashboard for managing cloud estates.


Automated multi-cloud patching that ensures security and compliance.


Continuously deliver secure, customised OS images to your cloud environments.


A multi-cloud back-up orchestrator for your IaaS and PaaS environments.

Everyone can use some Klarity

Elevate cloud management from the basement to the corner office. Nordcloud Klarity has something for everyone – from devs to compliance to finance to the C-suite.

Your cloud data stays in your region

Cloud data visible in Nordcloud Klarity will never leave your legislative jurisdiction. From monthly consumption to the cost of different environments, any cloud data from your cloud providers will not leave your region.

Stay in line with EU, US and UK data legislation and trust that Nordcloud Klarity follows the relevant legal requirements.

Born and raised in the cloud

Nordcloud Klarity was developed by Nordcloud, the European leader in cloud migration, application development and managed services. 

We created it to help our in-house managed cloud teams find the right answers quickly – and give customers a better experience while streamlining processes.

Now part of the IBM family, Nordcloud Klarity is used by some of the world’s most innovative companies, developed and supported by Nordcloud’s unrivalled cloud experts.

Nordcloud Klarity Core creates meaningful and context-oriented cost reports within days.
This state of the art tool can get you from chaotic complexity of cloud usage structures to universal, single
source of truth.

Jakub Holak

Head of Product, Nordcloud

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