5 ways to streamline cloud operations and documentation

You know those frustrating cloud operations and documentation tasks? That annoying toil that takes up time without sparking joy?

Well, your future could have less frustration and more joy – when you optimise these 5 areas (and it’s much easier than you realise with Nordcloud Klarity Core).


Quick win #1: Automate showbacks and chargebacks

It’s not uncommon for multiple FTEs to spend weeks allocating cloud costs to business units. But this mind-numbing process can be 100% automated with Nordcloud Klarity Core. You set your own cost splitting rules and distribution keys, and the software automatically assigns costs to the relevant customer, cost centre or even person. And works on all public clouds and VMware, so you truly have all bases covered.


Quick win #2: Get a search engine for your clouds

Let’s say you get a network error with an API address. How long does it take you to identify the server behind that address? And how long does it take to find the affected resources and applications – and then find out who owns them? The answer is: too long, because that process can easily take hours when you have to wade through your environment.

Not so, with Nordcloud Klarity Core. It has an efficient search algorithm, so you’re always just a simple query way from finding information that’s otherwise hard to access across your clouds. Just type the API address into the search box, and boom – you immediately see the resources and owners you need.


Quick win #3: Get rid of manual tagging and retagging

How long would it take to change tags on your whole environment? How many teams would you need to involve in that process? Here’s a scenario for you: at the start of each financial year, a team has to update allocation tags based on the cost centres for that year. No joke, it takes them 4 months to sort everything across all the business units and environments. With Nordcloud Klarity Core, it takes 1 hour. 

Nordcloud Klarity Core uses a unique algorithm to categorise all resources across all cloud environments 100% automatically, so there’s no manual tagging. You just change the tagging structure in the UI, and you’re sorted – you don’t have to touch your clouds. It’s no exaggeration to say this will change people’s lives.


Quick win #4: Automate compliance reporting

Imagine a hyperscaler decides to sunset certain servers. How long will it take you to figure out the impact on your organisation? For one customer, it was taking 2 days to check all servers any time compliance things like this came up. With Nordcloud Klarity Core, it takes them 30 seconds. You can prepare multi-cloud, multi-account and multi-region compliance reports in a few clicks.


Quick win #5: Stop nagging application owners and engineers to take action

You can see the savings opportunities. You know some teams are overprovisioning and others need to optimise from an availability perspective. You’ve nagged them to change servers and told them how much they’ll save. But is everyone following your advice? Are you seeing a torrent of savings coming through? No. Which means you have to keep nagging – which is annoying for everyone and time consuming for you.

With Nordcloud Klarity Core, there’s no need to nag. App owners and engineers have role-based access, so they see tailored dashboards telling them exactly where their savings opportunities are. It’s then easy for them to take action in a few clicks.


Start enjoying these quick wins

Nordcloud Klarity Core helps you optimise cloud operations in a few clicks. It’s easy to get started and easy to use – and once you try it, you’ll be surprised at how much frustrating toil evaporates from your life. It’s why people describe it as the cloud management tool they needed but didn’t think existed.


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