How you can save up to 34% of your AWS Lambda costs?

Jakub Holak

Jakub Holak

Head of Product, Klarity, Platform & Tools

As we all have seen recently, AWS announced new Lambda runtime based on ARM architecture – Graviton2. It looks like a great opportunity – you can save up to 34% of your Lambda costs by switching your existing serverless workloads from x86 to Graviton2. It all looks good on paper, but to calculate the potential benefits companies need to take into account the cost of this change (including IaaC changes, deployments, and QA). If you’re not sure how to do it, read on!

Sizing is key

To identify the size of the opportunity and decide on the next steps it’s important for the CCoE or DevOps team to have the ability to quickly find all the Lambda functions, to assess the feasibility and cost of the change. This gets tricky if you run multi-account and multi-region operations with distributed ownership of cloud assets.

Klarity was built to reduce the time needed for identifying opportunities and contacting the right people within your organization. Let’s use Nordcloud as an example – internally, we run serverless heavy workloads – Graviton2 is a great saving opportunity for us. Saving up to 34% on Lambda execution means up to 4.000 EUR a month of savings, this is 10% of the whole AWS spend, so really worth further investigation.

Using Klarity Estate Records you can list all Lambda functions in one single view, and sort them by cost – this way you can quickly identify the top saving opportunities. It takes just a few seconds to search through the whole catalog of your assets – multi-account and multi-region.

Verify your findings

Based on the initial analysis we’ve identified that one Lambda stands out from the crowd as a potential big win. One of the core Klarity assumptions about optimizing the use of cloud is that every change to your cloud environment is actually an engineering decision – right-sizing or changing the runtime can always influence the availability of the application, therefore the central team that drives the cost savings needs the ability to quickly communicate with the team of engineers responsible for the development

Since the resources are assigned to applications (applications and their environments are the unit of management in the cloud), all you need to do is check the application details to identify the application owners and contact them to assess the cost of the change.

Thanks to Klarity you will be able to assess the potential level of savings and contact the right people within your organization in just a few clicks, so communicating will take minutes instead of hours usually spent on finding the right people to talk to. When the verification is done, the same people will simply need to take action and switch to Graviton2. 

In the ever-changing cloud world, our product can be a major accelerator of your digital transformation, providing the common language to speak with and the single source of truth about your multi-cloud operations for the whole organization. Graviton2 is just an example of the usage. Defining KPIs, identifying savings, and finding the right person responsible for your cloud spend can be really easy, no matter the organisation size. 

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