Klarity's Latest Feature Updates: KPIs, Budgets & Forecasts and Workflows

Katarzyna Soltyk

Product Manager @ Nordcloud

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We’re delighted to bring you three fantastic updates to the Klarity Core/ IBM Multicloud Accelerator toolkit that’ll make it even easier to optimise your cloud spend:

  1. Key Performance Indicators
  2. Budgets & Forecasts
  3. Workflows

Read on to find out how they work and how each new feature can help you better manage your cloud spend.

We're constantly listening to the feedback of our customers and we're really excited to bring three new features that will make life easier for professionals working with cloud costs

Katarzyna Soltyk

Product Manager @ Nordcloud

Nordcloud Klarity Core/ IBM Multicloud Accelerator Updates

Let’s look through each new feature in detail, starting with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Use the new KPIs tab in Klarity to track three major Key Performance Indicators: Cost Allocation Coverage, Overall Waste, and Non-Production Environments Shutdown Time.

The FinOps KPIs now built into your Klarity dashboard give you access to high-value insights that let you monitor cloud resource consumption and make informed and strategic cloud usage decisions.

Frequency and scope of KPIWhat this KPI reflectsBenefit of this KPI
Cost Allocation CoverageDaily and for each business contextHow many costs are being allocated to responsible business owners as a percentage of total cost.Measures how effectively an organisation is achieving the Measurement and Realisation pillar of cloud FinOps. 
Overall WasteDaily and for applications and their environments. The percentage of waste generated by over total spend, and generates a waste value for each organisational unit as a percentage of total waste.Enables organisations to tackle waste, one of the two biggest cloud challenges with implications for cloud spend and sustainability. 
Non-Production Environments Shutdown TimeWeekly and for development environments.How many hours per week your development environments are shut down.Allows teams to stop paying for unused workloads by curbing over-provisioning or under-utilisation of resources.


Read full documentation on KPIs here

Budgets and Forecasts

Accurately predict your cloud spend and stay in budget with Klarity’s new Budgets and Forecasts feature. Klarity will guide you through the four steps you can take to achieve greater cloud spend control:

  1. Set budgets to keep your cloud spend under control by allocating budgets to organisational units, applications and environments.
  2. Track current spending trends through monthly overviews of your biggest spend drivers in relation to your budgets.
  3. Analyse previous spend and predict future spend based on past spend, spend estimates and forecasts.
  4. Monitor your budgets proactively through notifications about environmental costs in relation to organisational unit and application budgets. 

Precise budgeting and forecasting practices are a pillar of successful FinOps and enable you to realise true cost visibility, clearer cloud consumption bills and easy reporting, as well as better cross-functional team collaboration.

Read full documentation on managing & forecasting application budgets here


Automate events that you want to be performed once, twice or many times at predetermined intervals with Klarity’s new Workflows feature. Customise workflows easily to suit your business goals. Schedule workflows that send data about cloud cost, KPIs, unallocated cloud resources and savings suggestions via email, Slack and third-party tools like ServiceNow. 

Eliminate noise, gain consistency and control, and reclaim time that can be spent on more strategic projects by defining, implementing and then automating these actions with Klarity’s Workflows feature.

Read full documentation on workflows here

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Want to learn how you can utilise Klarity KPIs, Budgets & Forecasts, Workflows and other cloud cost management features to help achieve your business goals?

Whether you’re an existing user of Nordcloud Klarity Core/ IBM Multicloud Accelerator, or you’re starting to look for the right solution to help you manage your cloud spend, you can use the link below to arrange a personal session with one of our experts.


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