Nordcloud Klarity gains IBM Cloud superpowers!

Jakub Holak

Jakub Holak

Nordcloud Klarity is a single source of truth for all cloud-related operations and activities. We help members of organizations to cooperate by providing them a common language to speak with, and one of the most important pieces of our vision is being true multi-cloud. We are thrilled to announce that starting today Klarity supports IBM Cloud workloads as our first-class citizen!

IBM Cloud users can now classify resources and their costs by leveraging our unique showback system and gain full visibility into their workloads. We put a lot of effort to make sure the feature parity between IBM Cloud and other cloud providers is as high as possible, and therefore we’ve decided to implement a daily cost calculation algorithm for IBM Cloud, becoming the only tool in the market that supports daily granularity of IBM Cloud cost. One of the core FinOps principles stands that reports should be accessible and timely. Distributed decision-making in modern IT can only be successful if teams are allowed to see the outcomes of their decisions in almost real-time. By showing a daily cost, Nordcloud Klarity empowers IBM Cloud customers to make tradeoffs between cost, quality, and speed based on data. 

The IBM Cloud Billing API only supports monthly cost data, so the development team created an algorithm to calculate the daily costs as the cumulative difference. Then the system ensures that the overall cost and the aggregated daily cost are equal.

Tao N Zhang, Software Architect for Klarity

Thanks to great cooperation between IBM and Nordcloud engineering teams, customers can now gain full control over their IBM Cloud journey!