Nordcloud Klarity gets boost from IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management

Klarity & turbonomic

Combine Nordcloud Klarity cloud cost management and IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management to only pay for what you need and understand how costs are allocated by LoB.

How are Klarity and IBM Turbonomic complementary?

Nordcloud Klarity is focused on cloud cost management enabling clients to understand how cloud resources are being utilised by Line of Business (LoB) and applications.

IBM Turbonomic is focused on continuous cloud optimisation enabling clients to precisely identify the resources required for application performance, so clients only pay for what is required for performance.

Both solutions are complementary, i.e., if an organisation is over their cloud budget or applications are not performing to SLOs, the combination will provide actions to eliminate performance risks and eliminate waste due to overprovisioning.


What capabilities do Klarity and IBM Turbonomic provide to clients?

Nordcloud Klarity

Excels at cloud cost management enabling clients to budget, allocate costs, and charge / show back by business unit. Additionally, it provides visibility / accountability into the rightsizing actions provided by IBM Turbonomic.

IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management

Ensures clients only pay for what they need enabling them to assure application performance and eliminate cloud waste due to overprovisioning. IBM Turbonomic actions can be integrated with ITSM or IaC processes – in real-time, manually with a click, or scheduled. IBM Turbonomic can be integrated with Klarity to show the impact of actions on cloud costs – provides a closed-loop system.

Klarity + Turbonomic Inform - Optimise - Operate

How do you integrate Klarity and IBM Turbonomic?

Klarity and IBM Turbonomic can be used in combination for cloud cost management and continuous optimisation. The combination will enable clients to assure application performance at the lowest cost without overprovisioning. Clients will have full visibility into cloud costs, so they only pay for what they need without sacrificing application performance.


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