Automated Cloud Cost Allocation at Global Apparel Company

Making fully-automated and efficient showback processes reality for a major global apparel company.

A leader in the apparel industry had recently begun using the cloud to power customer solutions. As its cloud usage increased, the inefficiencies in its processes grew unsustainable.

The Challenge

1. Leveraging the cloud’s efficiency potential was a top leadership priority

2. Numerous cumbersome manual processes were in place for managing cloud costs

3. For more efficient processes and effective cloud cost management, the apparel company adopted a FinOps approach


The Need

1. A strategy to optimise the company’s cloud processes

2. An easy-to-navigate cloud management tool providing analytics and insight into usage and activities

3. Automated showback processes to save people time and create smoother systems

The Solution

1. Klarity Core implemented to manage multicloud resources and deliver efficient processes

2. Continued support for upskilled staff to enable a fast and sustainable transition to a FinOps approach

3. A dashboard shows staff where costs are, where savings are and forecasted spend

Results Delivered


Nordcloud Klarity Core creates meaningful and context-oriented cost reports within days. This state of the art tool can get you from chaotic complexity of cloud usage structures to universal, single source of truth.

Head of Product, Nordcloud


increase in cost allocation (from 40 to 90%)


reduction in overall cloud spend

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