DI cut their cloud spend by 40% in ten weeks

Northern Europe’s leading media technology company were able to cut manual work and cloud spend while accelerating development.

Distribution Innovation (DI) is the leading technology company for media logistics in Northern Europe, and is a part of Schibsted. DI develops technologies for companies in need of solutions for subscription services or logistics, covering the entire value chain from order to delivery.

DI had embarked on its cloud journey and was ready to take the next step in their digital transformation. But embracing cloud cost management was bringing its challenges.

The Challenge

Every month, DI were losing significant time to manually calculating chargebacks and showbacks. Carried out by a member of the development team, this was a strain on the time this skilled professional had for actual development.

Manually figuring out who was responsible for what cloud costs and then invoicing the right people took hours and hours of work – every single month. Because of this, it was being carried out infrequently and not to the level of granularity required.

Cloud costs were left largely unallocated. Departments’ cloud cost responsibilities were unclear. Aligning on cloud activities was difficult.

Without automation, it was difficult to understand spend, let alone find the time and resources necessary to manage or optimise cloud costs.

The Need

To enable effective optimisations, DI first needed cost visibility to get insights into where costs were being incurred – at department, application and resource level.

DI was aware of cloud spend waste, and wanted to employ rightsizing to combat this. But first, they needed a proper understanding of cloud spend.

Better team alignment was fundamental to future cloud success. DI needed the ability to accurately distribute cost responsibilities across departments.


Enter Nordcloud Klarity.

Nordcloud Klarity’s Solution

Nordcloud Klarity automates cloud cost management, making continuous cloud cost savings a reality.

With Klarity, DI has full control over their cloud spend, with teams aligned to maximise optimisations through an elimination of manual work and clear transparency in consumption. 

Automation saved DI enough hours that they were able to hire another engineer to strengthen their IT capabilities. Without the financial and resource burden of manually calculating cloud costs, DI were able to better harness the cloud’s potential to accelerate development. 

Developers are actually incentivised to balance performance with waste-reduction through Klarity’s GreenOps feature. This feature shows the carbon footprint of resources, which adds a sustainability dimension – both environmental and economic – to their cloud management activities. 

With a rapid onboarding process managed in two-week sprints with the Klarity team, DI were able to achieve significant cloud savings extremely quickly.



The dashboard provided the single source of truth across all applications and usage.


Deeper insight by application and department is quick and easy to find – meaning costs can be distributed accordingly.


Money saved was put towards hiring an additional member of the development team.


Onboarding was fast and simple, meaning it took just ten weeks to cut cloud spend enormously.

Terje Johansen, Backend Developer

Distribution Innovation (Schibsted)

Klarity is crucial for us when it comes to cloud visibility and savings. Orphan resources under ‘Savings suggestions’ and rightsizing have been key features since we got onboarded. Klarity has helped us speed up the process and take action immediately.


reduction in cloud spend within 10 weeks


hours saved through automation


cloud applications onboarded

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