Driving Change with FinOps at Manufacturing Giant

Making seamless digital processes a reality for a major manufacturing company.

A leader in the Finnish engineering and service industry was using a multi-cloud approach to develop innovative solutions that meet customer needs. As it embraced digital technologies, the inefficiencies in its legacy processes were no longer sustainable.

The Challenge

1. Asset management and cost allocation processes had become difficult in multi-cloud

2. The compatibility of processes with existing multi-cloud resources was a top leadership priority

3. For greater insights into ways to optimise cloud usage and modernise processes, the manufacturing company adopted a FinOps approach


The Need

1. A strategy to improve asset management and cost allocation processes

2. Training and support to empower teams to embed FinOps

3. A tool to consolidate, manage and optimise cloud usage

4. Automated asset creation, budgeting and cost reporting processes

The Solution

1. Klarity Core implemented for efficient automation of processes

2. Ongoing support for fast and sustainable transition to a FinOps approach

3. A dashboard shows in real time where costs are, where savings are and forecasted spend


Results Delivered


Its high level of flexibility available makes Nordcloud Klarity Core a perfect fit for companies embracing their multi-cloud reality. It’s the perfect companion for every cloud adoption project, providing a key and significant edge during the FinOps journey.

Global FinOps Advisory Lead, Nordcloud


decrease in reporting time


increase in cost allocation

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