Free Guide to Golden Image Solutions

Whether you need to manage complex image customisations or have images that are compatible across multiple cloud providers, there’s lots to consider when choosing the right image solution for your business.

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An agile, cloud-native approach is about automating your DevSecOps pipeline. In the public cloud, automation is the key to successful operations. Without automation you will be stuck with old ways of doing things and lose out on major benefits.

Jakub Wozniak

Principal Architect @ Nordcloud

You know the symptoms, so treat the problem

This free guide takes you through why creating and maintaining images in-house creates unnecessary burdens on your teams.

It’s relevant for anyone who deals with the golden image challenge – from IT architects, security officers, CISO and CCoE Leads to Heads of Infrastructure and DevOps.

Explore the solution alternatives out there – and how to make the changes needed to tip the scales in your favour.

Your key takeaways

How an automated golden image solution enables your DevSecOps pipeline

The right questions to ask when making a build vs buy decision

How other organisations have implemented and benefitted from a fully-managed golden image solution

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