On-Demand Webinar

Making Golden Images Easy in the Public Cloud

In this expert-led webinar you’ll learn how to build governance around virtual machine images to ensure your cloud environments are secure and audit-ready. 

Your key takeaways

Running workloads at scale

How to operate in cloud when running VM-based environments.

Golden images 101

What are golden images and why you should have one.

Improving your DevSecOps pipelines

Cloud governance the modern way.

Shopping for solutions

Integrating the right software so you can sleep at night.

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Why watch this webinar

Public cloud allows companies to dynamically scale their environments, including those based on traditional virtual machines. Unfortunately, this freedom sometimes gives the feeling of losing control over your servers and their configuration.

The starter virtual machine images available in the hyperscaler marketplace are simple but not necessarily safe. To make things worse, their configuration takes a lot of engineer time and doesn’t guarantee full compliance with the security policy.

IT security teams should be paying close attention to automation in the security of out-of-the-box models, which allow engineers to take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud without worrying about the security of their systems.

Developing an in-house solution requires time and skills. Hardening recommendations are being changed, new patches are being released every day. It becomes a full-time job for several people.

Jakub Wozniak

Principal Architect, Nordcloud

Our speaker

Jakub Wozniak, Principal Architect @ Nordcloud engineering team

In his four years at Nordcloud, Jakub has helped develop the cloud management SaaS platform Klarity, including the Klarity ImageFactory tool.

Jakub is a certified expert in AWS, GCP, Kubernetes and FinOps. He’s passionate about building helpful solutions using public cloud (ask him about his cloud-connected home coffee machine).